Framework/core 14.0.1rc1.1 update on Distro 7 breaks chan_sip extensions

I just installed the following module updates this morning on a clean Distro 7 install (FreePBX 14 + Asterisk 13) that had been working over the past couple of weeks:

conferencespro 14.0.1 (current:
contactmanager 14.0.1 (current: 14.0.1beta3)
core 14.0.1rc1.1 (current: 14.0.1beta10)
framework 14.0.1rc1.1 (current: 14.0.1beta20)
sms 14.0.1 (current: 13.0.11)
soundlang 14.0.3 (current:
superfecta (current:
ucpnode 14.0.1beta3 (current: 14.0.1beta2)
userman 14.0.1 (current: 14.0.1beta1)
zulu 14.0.1 (current: 14.0.1beta4)

Now, none of my chan_sip extensions are being pushed to sip*.conf and asterisk complains about wrong password on all registration attempts. Trunks are fine.

Even deleting and reprovisioning extensions, they are still not pushed to .conf files and can’t register.

Yes this is already a known issue.

No ETA on resolution at this time. 14 is Release Candidate and should not be used in production.

I have the same issue. Work around until it gets fixed, roll back core with

 fwconsole ma downloadinstall core --tag 14.0.1beta10

Thanks, that’s the magic I was missing.

And, yes, this is a test system!

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Fixed in core 14.0.1rc1.2

Yes, thanks, it works.