Framework bug in or higher - Breaks CDR Logging

It seems that in Framework 16.0.40 (or 40.1) new CDR settings where added to Advanced Settings. One of them is to enable or disable CDR logging and by default it is set to be enabled as logging CDRs is a default feature.

From Framework to the current release of disables CDR logging by default when you either update to one of those versions or install a new system that defaults to one of those versions.

So if you update to any of these versions of Framework make sure you go into Advanced Settings and ensure CDR Logging is enabled or once you reload/apply the config after updates…CDRs will stop logging.

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Also, why is the Github repo for Framework behind by six releases? Is there a reason this repo (and probably others) are out of sync with what is being pulled from the mirrors?

Just got bitten by this. Seems to me this is something that should be fixed ASAP. If not, a lot of people will lose CDR logging without realizing it after updating. It’s been 10 days since this post and it’s still a problem in the current version updates on stable branch.

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