FPBX12/Asterisk13 - SCA's, baby

So talking to a Digium employee about this. SLA is written as part of “meetme” which has a supported level of extended so Digium aren’t even supporting it in favor of “confbridge”. Because it uses meetme it requires DAHDi. Along with that the code base for the SLA components of meetme have not been touched since Asterisk 11

The last commit I see against SLA was on Wed Jul 10 01:49:41 2013

You can look for yourself if you wish:


Since it was written in meetme if makes me believe that the functionality could be implemented in confbridge by dynamically generating a confbridge (which is allowed). So using custom.conf files in freepbx you should be able to emulate something very similar to SLAs using this workflow

  1. Call comes into FreePBX
  2. Route to dynamically generated confbridges
  3. BLF subscribe to those bridges
  4. when you hang up detect and kill confbridge

Thats a very basic workflow.