Fpbx 13, extension routing not working correctly

I have freepbx distro 13, extension routing module, but it doesn’t seem to be working for one client…Inbound calls come thru to their appropriate phone, but when they dial out, it dials out from a different trunk & cid number than it should. I have double and triple checked the outbound routes & they only have access to their outbound route, but their extension dials out using a different trunk than the one assigned to their outbound route…Any ideas?

We’re gonna need logs for that one.

Can you share:

  1. The outbound route dial patterns that are tied to the trunk the call is going out on.
  2. The number the extension is dialing.

I have extension routing and it seems to work if I register Bria Softphone on my laptop to that extension and dial out…it goes out from the right trunk and therefore has the right cid, but i have that sip extension registered to the clients 3cx phone system as a sip provider in 3cx and that is where the problem seems to be…something with my freepbx/the clients 3cx talking.

You’ll need logs to see what you’re sending and what the 3cx is receiving and doing to the call.

I suspect it could be the clients sonicwall too…Let me wrestle with their sonicwall first, then I’ll post back.

I noticed the outbound route the extension was using is the one at the top of the list, so I moved their actual outbound route to the top of the list now it dials out with the right one. I also enabled consistent NAT on the sonicwall, although I’m pretty sure it’s the outbound route change I did that made it work. This is a temp bandaid for a long term problem tho, so I still need to figure it out.

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