Fowarding calls from one asterisk to another

Hello, I have two asterisk server (server A with asterisk 1.4.24 and freepbx 2.5.1 and server B with asterisk 1.8.20 with freepbx 2.8.1). I have in server A an extension (1001) that when it gets a call, I want the call to be fowarded to an extension created on server B (2002). The two servers have a IAX2 trunk and it works without any problem. I’m able to make calls between the two of them. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this? Sorry for my english!

Hi, it’s me again. I got it working using the MISC DESTINATION module installed in the server A. I just created a new destination using a prefix like 771001, and then created an outbound route using this dial pattern 77|XXXX and the IAX trunk between them as destination.

Had you read the wiki first you might also have found:-

where a probably better solution is all laid out for you :slight_smile: