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We’re having a problem with visual voice mail messages on our S705’s that get left on the wrong mailbox and need to be forwarded to an appropriate mailbox. Forwarding voicemail messages between mailboxes works as expected in all situations except this one:

I cannot forward voicemail TO a phone that is a member of group voicemail! Voicemail messages in this scenario never appear on the receiving extension’s individual voicemail box or the group voicemail of which that phone is a member.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Can you describe how you set up this ‘group voicemail’? Are you talking about vm blasting?


So I have 4 phones (x200,x201,x202,x203) at a reception desk that need to have a voicemail box in common and not use their individual voicemail boxes. So I created a virtual mailbox at x209.

For each of the 4 phone extensions above I went to User Management>Phone Apps>Voicemail>Additional Voicemail Boxes and added the virtual mailbox x209.

In each of the 4 phone extensions I also went to: Extension>Advanced>Mailbox and added 209@device; also to Extension>Advanced>Voicemail Extension and added *98209

Everything works as it should with this system except voicemail forwarding. So if there is a voicemail in x209, and I want to forward it OUT, say too x100, that WORKS.

However if there’s a voicemail at x100 and I want to forward it TO group voicemail box x209, or to x200,x201,x202,x203 the 4 phone extensions that use the group mailbox, the voicemail forward does NOT work. It doesn’t go through.

Thanks for any pointers you can provide!

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I suspect the forward actually does work, you are directing that the message be forwarded to extension 100’s mailbox, the system determines that mailbox to be 209, so the message gets forwarded from 209 to 209.


Thanks! Sorry, I think I wasn’t clear.

100 is not set to forward to 209.

Only 200,201,202,203 forward to 209.

100 is a separate extension that has its own voicemail and is not part of any voicemail group.


So forwarding messages out from the 209 group voicemail works.

Forwarding voicemail IN to any extension in that group, from an extension not in the group, does not work.

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Logs would help. That way, we can see what’s actually helping. is the simplest place to post logs.


Sure! Be glad to submit those. Is the Reports>Asterisk Logfiles>restapps.log sufficient? Do you also need restapps_err.log and restapps_uout.log?


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Actually, I don’t think any of those are going to help. This isn’t a phone problem, it’s a VM problem, so we’re going to need you to look at /var/log/asterisk/full and see what’s happening there first.

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