Forwarding to external number doesn't show original caller ID

Hello folks

I’ve been a happy user of FreePBX but for some reason I just cannot get the original caller ID to show up when forwarding a call to my cellphone.
My SIP Trunk provider (Televoip) supports it and they have confirmed the function is activated.

These are the logs of my PJSIP trunk:

I’m mainly trying to find out if my FreePBX is doing everything right to get the Caller ID to my trunk provider but I can’t figure out how to read the logs.

My config

  • Misc Destination “Nick Personal Phone” with my cell phone number in it


  • One PJSIP Trunk with Allow Any CID checked
  • Outbound Caller ID set to <MY_NUMBER>
  • Send RPID/PAI set to Send Remote-Party-ID header
  • Send Connected Line set Enabled


  • No outbound CID set
  • Destination No Answer set to the Misc Destination


  • Diversion Headers disabled because it didn’t make a difference

Thank you everyone so much in advance!

misc destination in my experience will show trunk cid. I suggest you create a virtual extension and use follow me

No luck unfortunately with that… Also rings as my Trunk CID number

This does not contain the relevant parts of the call, not even the outgoing INVITE, let alone the caller ID manipulation leading up to it.

Does this contain the relevant info?

I can provide more but it is filled with other log stuff.

I enable the pjsip logger and after that I’ll do tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full

Is there a way to only get the PJSIP stuff?

No. That is just the incoming INVITE.

Whilst you could get close, you don’t want to, as to understand why caller ID is mishandled, you need to see how the dialplan is manipulating it.

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