Forwarding of Caller ID

Ok, I have been working with Asterisk/Trixbox/FreePBX for a few months now, everything is working solid and honestly I am impressed with it. However, I have run into a roadblock that I need to overcome. Thanks for any assistance. I have dug here and all over the Internet and haven’t found an answer that helps.

Problem: We are using Asterisk as an IVR with internal extensions. Works great. We want to have Asterisk use ‘virtual extensions’ so that we can give a caller the extension and it would ring, say, their cell phone. This works great. However, when they receive that call they receive the caller ID of the Asterisk box instead of receiving the caller ID of the originating caller. We need this to be the caller’s caller ID.

One. I am the SIP trunk provider. We have a softswitch that connects to phone network over SS7 that is used for all outbound dialing. Changing SIP providers isn’t an option. According to the vendor of the softswitch, I have set that up correctly to take caller ID being passed from a PBX.

Two. I need to prove that the Asterisk box is indeed sending the caller ID on to the switch. If it is. If it is not, then I need to narrow down what is broke and fix.

Three. Caller ID works great on Internal extensions.

I have log files I could post if that helps from our FreePBX box if that would help. Problem occured initially with Trixbox, but I am currently using Asterisk 1.4.22 and FreePBX 2.5.1 compiled on Ubuntu 8.04.

Ok. I am closing in on fixing the problem.

I need to figure out how to get the machine previous post to put the diversion header in the invite packet. I am really struggling to find the answer for this.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Having same issue