Forwarding external calls to multiple boxes thru IVR

Hello Mates,

I’ve the following setup:
• Five FreePBX boxes in five cities, connected by IAX trunks over VPN
• One GSM gate way, connected by SIP trunk to one freeBPX
• Around 400 extensions overall
• Any extension in any box can call externally over the gateway, and can receive calls as well
• This setup was working perfectly, until my 2N VoiceBlue gateway went banana, and it can’t detect DTMF correctly anymore, possible due to some change done by mobile provider.
• Earlier, gateway plays voice message, captures the extension, use it as DID, inbound routes then directs it to the appropriate box.

Now, I had to move the call reception to the box connected to the gateway, used an IVR, it plays the message, extension that are internal to that box work great when “Direct Call” is enabled.
However, the problem is to reach an extension that is external to that box.
I’m welling the give up the old easy setup where the called can type dial any extension on any box, giving it to a two steps process, first to select city “box” then to dial extension. But even so, I could find the right way to do it.

What I tried:
1- Set up an option on the main “master” IVR, to forward the call to another “slave” trunk, but then direct call will not work on the slave trunk, and I get an invalid option message.
2- Misc. dest. Works fine, but I don’t think it’s wise to set up and maintain 500 entry!
3- Master IVR directs to slave, slave plays a welcome message and then direct to directory, “it’s much easier to set a directory for all contacts than misc. dest.”. This option works fine, however you must dial by letters not extension, I guess this is the main point of the directory anyway.

Help me please, am I missing something? How can my master box receive calls and forward to any extension, whether on the same box or on a slave box?


No one!?

It’s Saturday. Give it a chance. As well, do all of these five boxes have unique extensions on them or will there be overlap?

Yeah you are right,

No overlapping, all governed by dial pattern,
2XXX - City 1
3XXX - City 2
4XXX - City 3
and so on,

You could route the inbound trunk to an announcement “at the tone, please dial your extension number”, then to a DISA. This should allow both local and remote extensions to be reached with no problem. Unfortunately, it will also allow incoming callers to call anywhere in the world, at your expense. To prevent this, create a custom context that includes your remote systems but no other outbound routes. Set the DISA to use that context.

Alternatively, you could configure all the outbound routes to external destinations to be limited to your internal extension number ranges. However, this is insecure if it’s possible for an attacker to spoof a caller ID with only 4 digits that looks like a valid extension number.

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