Forwarding calls

We are running freepbx

The setup is as follows :

Freepbx has 4x sip trunks and one PRI
This PRI comes from a CTS device.

Calls through the PBX from IP deskphones work that have to go through the SIP trunks.

Call that have to go out through the PRI (and the CTS) works fine.

However there are calls that originate from the CTS, come in through the PRI and have to be treated as if they are from the deskphones. These calls will then routed to the relevant SIP trunks. (which from the deskphones is working fine).

No calls will be, with the routing already on the CTS come from the CTS and have to go out through the PRI again.

We ONLY have access through the web interface…

Please assist urgently and in detail if possible, this is surpasing urgent.



Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your urgency is not of anyone’s concern.

Here are the facts…You are running version 2.5 it’s over 5 years old, past end of life and not supported.

To do what you want requires a deep look at the system to setup. If this is very urgent you can try the support link on top of the page. You will have to ask very nicely because there are only a few guys that know anything about the old version.

Lastly, why do you have only web access? Did you forget the SSH password?

No, never had it, this is a clients site and the original installer of the PBX is long gone… i have the root password for the box though…

So if we run the update utility from the PBX web interface, would the settings etc be safe ?

I had no idea it was THAT old

calls that originate from the CTS, come in through the PRI and have to be treated as if they are from the deskphones

If you are determined to proceed with an EOL system, and based only on the line I quoted, it looks like you want the PRI trunk context set to match the internal extension context, which would be “from-internal” without the quotes.

No the repositories don’t exist, the company Fonality that took the FreePBX code and forked it (told the world they were going to improve it) stopped supporting it and shut down the site.

If you know Linux we have a script that can get you close.

Best method is to migrate the data from the old system to the new system.