Forwarding call to a busy extension rings the entire Ring Group

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I’m stumped on this issue and thought I’d throw it out there in case anyone has ideas. We have a fairly simple incoming setup with a time condition that goes to a Ring Group of five extensions inside business hours. Not everybody can see who is on the phone at all times. When someone answers an incoming call and then forwards it to an extension that is busy, we expect it to go to busy voicemail, but instead it rings every single phone in the Ring Group, using the internal call ringtone. Obviously not ideal!

We don’t have Call Waiting turned on.

What we have tried:

  • setting the “Optional Destinations” on the extensions to their respective voicemailboxes - No Answer, Busy, and Not Reachable all have voicemail destinations
  • making sure these voicemail destinations are valid, and making sure that unavailable and busy recordings are available
  • searching every options page, especially the ones for the extensions and Ring Group
  • setting the “Destination If No Answer” of the Ring Group to an announcement - the transferred calls don’t go to the announcement, though

Any suggestions of where to look next would be appreciated.

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How are you transferring the call? Also, post some logs of a call where this happens.


We were transferring by answering the phone, putting it on hold, pressing the transfer button, dialing the destination extension, and pressing the “Transfer” soft key. (Digium D62)

We did manage to figure this out today and I’ll post the solution in case anyone else runs into this: We had to edit the Ring Group settings and turn “Skip Busy Agent” to “Off” and also enable Call Waiting on all extensions. No idea why the Ring Group settings were affecting the direct dialed transfer.


you don’t have to “push hold” to transfer a call.

On a D62 simply press the transfer button (the call will automatically hold) then dial the extension to transfer to, then either wait for the person to answer (attended transfer) and then press transfer button again, or simply press the transfer button as soon as you hear a ring (unattended transfer).

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