Forwarded calls - no audio or IVR playback

My setup

Pfsense+ firewall with NAT and firewall rules
Dynamic public IP allocation by ISP - attached to DDNS domain by pfsense.
softphone - GSwave Lite on android and on iOS
FreePBX -
BSNL WINGS SIP service (India) - registered on freePBX

Cell number → wings SIP number → freepbx IVR – working

current scenario

cell number A (calling_number) → cell number (B) → divert calls → wings SIP number (called_number) → freepbx IVR – no audio

but in this i am not able to hear any audio.

logs with SIP debug on


if i run

sip reload

and then try the same… it works … momemtarily
don’t know what’s going on.

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