Forward to external number, but return a call back after timeout

Hello, guys.

Our company have purchased services of external call center and now i need to forward all calls to them. I have set this up by creating an incoming route to misc destination. It works fine, but we want to add one more thing.
When we forward to them, we want to take calls back to our old IVR after 2 minutes of ringing without answer. So far i haven’t found straightforward way to do it.
Can you please give me some advice on how to do it?

Thank you!

Instead of using a Misc Destination, send the call to a ring group with the DID added to the group list. You can set the ring time and define a destination on no answer.

Thank you for a reply.
I did what you recommended, and there is one issue.
Ring group forwards the call to external call center, but it answers the call. It plays music, says that ‘your call is very important, but everybody is busy right now’, with no real operators answering, but the call center itself counts as an answer. So suggested logic doesn’t work, because ring group waits for 2 minutes without answer, but we have an actual answer.
I understand now that there is no way to differentiate between ‘robot’ answering and a real human being.

The confirm calls option for the ring group exists for this purpose. It forces the answerer to press 1 to accept the call before bridging channels. But your answering service agents would need to be trained to press one to accept your calls.

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If they are not answering the phone calls in a reasonable time, you need to engage a new call center. Just sayin.

you could ‘tune’ AMD() specificslly to their recording perhaps

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