Forward ongoing call to external phone

Hi Freepbx community! This is my first post here and I am curious about something. Does FreePBX have the ability to forward an ongoing call to an external phone say a cell phone.
i.e: I am in the middle of a call and need to get up to drive maybe or something and don’t want to leave the call. I seamlessy, without leaving the call, forward the ongoing call to my cell phone.
This is super useful for people in meetings that may need to talk and keep moving if they started a meeting or phone call on their extension. I have seen this behavior with Mitel systems for example.
Any help or point in the right direction is awesome! thanks everyone!

Hi, Welcome to the FreePBX community!
Yes, you can transfer a call to an external cellphone number.

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Even in an ongoing call? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find this functionality. I see the *72 system codes to do so but that’s not for an ongoing call just incoming calls.

in-call blind transfer is by default ##

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NICE, thank you. for the life of me could not think what it was specifically called either. :pray::pray:

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