Forward detected fax to IAXmodem

I have FreePBX working well, and have installed Hylafax + IAXmodem. The iaxmodem registers with Asterisk so that part is working well too.

I enabled fax detect on the inbound (iax) trunk, and would like to forward the call to the iaxmodem. I’m confused about how to do that. In the inbound trunk setup I can forward to a fax user - but that doesn’t seem right. FreePBX shouldn’t know/care about the email address of the fax recipient since Hylafax will take care of that. Does the ‘fax recipient’ mean freepbx’s built-in fax clent? (Free Fax for Asterisk)

I suspect I need to forward the incoming fax to the extension used by my IAXmodem, but forwarding to an extension is not listed as an option on the inbound route setup. (for fax detect). I’m using Devices&Users mode, so I don’t have an ‘extensions’ option on the Application menu…in case that’s why

I can create a ring group with just the one IAX modem in it and forward to that ring group…but that feels awkward. Is this ok? Anything important I’m missing that will prevent this from working?