Forward calls to ObiTalk from FreePbx

Can anyone comment on whether it is possible to have FreePbx forward an incomming call to a number on the ObiTalk network.

Here is the use case:

  • I have am Obi110 and (remotely) an obi200.

  • I can call the Obi200 directly by using this ObiTalk number, dialing from a phone that is plugged into the Obi110. (as fyi, the obitalk number format is **9 ### ### ### , rather: 9 numbers preceded by **9 ). This phone (that is attached to the obi110) is also an extension on my FreePbx system.

  • I want the Freepbx system to be able forward calls to the Obi200 using the Obitalk number but cannot figure out the method that Freepbx can use.

Anyone with suggestions?
Best regards.