Forward Call Recordings

Is there a way I can forward Call Recordings to an outside number automatically?

Care to elaborate?

You want to call someone and play them the entire call recording?

Thanks for your reply.
Exactly, if possible. Id like to forward the call recordings to my Google Voice number so I can get the call recordings transcribed by Google Voice.

Perhaps this thread for background,

but in your case instead of emailing it, then you will need to build a call.file with the correct permissions and then mv it to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing. You could use the “application” flavor of a call.file perhaps with Playback(${YOURFILENAME}) (but will still work in later asterii)

A real call.file might look something like

Channel: Local/yourgooglevoicenumber@from-internal
Application: PlayBack
Data: silence/2&/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2014/09/03/somethingappropriate_20140903-153712-1409607431.13

I wonder if it would be better to handle this sort of thing locally…

In my experience the voicemail transcription in google voice is is terrible.

The example above, use that to pull in voicemail files then email the result. It could even parse out the voicemail boxes to email appropriately

This is almost a cool enough concept that I want to try it I simply lack the time to play with it.

And FWIW my experience with sphinx is that it is worse than Google (of course I speak English english and all you guys have a terrible accent :wink: )

Ok, how about an easy (read GUI) way and to sum up my thinking, add this line :-

echo  "Channel:  Local/YOURGOOGLEVOICENUMBER@from-internal\nApplication: PlayBack\nData: silence/2&$(date +"^{ASTSPOOLDIR}/monitor/%Y/%m/%d/^{CALLFILENAME}")">/tmp/^{UNIQUEID}&&mv /tmp/^{UNIQUEID} ^{ASTSPOOLDIR}/outgoing

to the “Advanced Settings” -> “Post Call Recording Script” field, hopefully it will work for you also

(hehe, but looking at it that a little closer, maybe not around midnight :wink: watch out for that)

The “Post Recording Script” field seems to have been moved or removed in version 13. Any thoughts?


Settings, Advanced Settings. You may need to enable both “Display Readonly Settings” and “Override Readonly Settings” to see it.

Thanks I’ll take a look.

Thanks that enabled it field.

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