Forward call from Queue from web

Hello everyone,

I’m really new to Asterisk and Freepbx, so far I’ve succeeded in setting up basic things but now I need your help for something.

So here’s what I’m trying to do :

I have a Queue that gets all inbound calls. Every time someone calls in, it sends a notification on a web page to 3 to 5 operators with each a softphone with a different extension.

What I would like to do is whenever a call is waiting in the queue for someone to take the call, if one of the operators clicks on a button on this same web page, it transfers the call to his softphone, and therefore the person calling in is removed from the queue.

So basically I would like to know if and how can I send an API request from the web to my PBX server to forward the call to one of my extensions ?

I’ve tried to look into the REST API in Freepbx but it doesn’t seems to be able to do what I need.

If such a thing isn’t possible in Freepbx but is in Asterisk, could you guide me into where I would need to look please ?

Many thanks !

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