Forward an extension to a ring group

Hi everyone,
English is not my first language so please excuse me if I over-explain or make mistakes in my writing.

I need your help.

My setup:
Asterisk (Ver. 11.17.1)

Currently for every user in the office I have setup a ring group(example: 605) with 2 extensions(example: 03 and 04) in it. Both phones 03 and 04 are at the users desk as one is cordless and the other one is corded - so the user can choose which one to pick up. For the same user I also have a third extension (example 02). I am forwarding extension 02 (via the phone menu) to 605(ring group) and now both 03 and 04 ring if someone diales 02. The reason I do it is because our CRM can only use (dial) extensions (not ring groups). I just can’t make it dial 605 - so I make it dial 02 and both phones 03 and 04 ring. So far, despite the fact that my solution is not elegant at all - it works.

What I would like to do is to do the forwarding of 02 -> 605 in FreePBX instead of the phone menu of 02, as now I need to keep one phone ON only for the forwarding and I can not use it for anything else. Basically I am using 3 phones per user - one(02) at the server room and 2 (03 and 04) on his desk.

So the question here is: how to forward (if possible at all) an extension to a ring group in Freepbx?

What I tried already:

  • in the extension settings of 02 in the field “Dial” instead of sip/02 i put sip/605 but it did not work. It gives me busy tone if dial 02 from another extension.
  • I tried the “Follow me” module and put the ring group number in the “Follow me list” of extension 02. - this did not work as well.

Thank you for your time!

Try Dial Local/[email protected]

Be sure that Follow Me for the extension is turned on.
Try putting 605# in the list (instead of 605)
or put both 03 and 04 in the list (instead of 605).

Also, with pjsip extensions you can have multiple devices, so both the corded and cordless phones can have the same extension number.

Or, if you set up forwarding in FreePBX for the extension, the phone need not be on. You can even make it a virtual extension and it would not need a phone.

Possibly, if you delete extension 02 and create a ring group 02, your CRM may be able to call it.

This worked! Thank you Stewart!

Out of curiosity I looked for the PJSIP but it looks like I need to have Asterisk 13, where I am on 11.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Just saying… Both, your FreePBX and Asterisk are long EOL. Consider upgrading.
Make sure you have proper backups before starting.
If you want just to migrate to another supported version of FreePBX with Asterisk, check out this tool.

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