Forward All Calls to Another Facility?

Our special needs school has two facilities. These facilities represent different programs with different school vacation schedules. When one facility is on break, the open facility covers telephone calls for the facility that’s closed.

I need to call forward calls from to closed facility to the open one and I’d like to use a BLF to show the call forwarding status. I’ve read through various posts, read through the wiki for Misc Destinations and Call Flow Control but I’m still a bit confused.

From what I can gather, I need to:

  • Add a Misc Destination that dials the number open facility. I’ll call it “Forward to Billerica” for reference purposes
  • Add Call Flow Toggle. For my Normal Flow, do nothing (??). For my Override Flow; select Misc Destinations > Forward to Billerica

Once I’m done, I have a feature code I can use to toggle the call flow. But it seems like this needs to be tied to an incoming route and that’s the part I’m having trouble understanding. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks – Steve

correct. Normal flow would point to your local PBX incoming destination (ring group , ivr, queue or whatever). override would go to misc dest. i use this all the time as out of office button to send all calls to mobile.
Map the call flow control number (280 if you only have the one) to a BLF on your phone and done.
Go on leave, press the button, light changes and calls are sent to new destination.

Perfect. Just finished setting it up and it works great.

Thanks – Steve