Forum Theme Suggestions

I have a few questions in regards to the theme of the forum. Just a few picky things that I think will clean up the redesign.

[]Could the icons be changed to a smaller size? They seem to be overly large compared to the associated text.
]Could the forum pages be allow to stretch 100% of the screen?
[]Could the font of the subject be made bold and larger?
]Could the font of the forum description be made smaller?
[]Could long subjects be truncated with ellipsis, to keep from running more than one line?
]Could the right hand side be themed to better match the lower maroon colored menu bar?
[]Could the background color of the rows alternate colors, grey/white/grey/white?
]The last post column appears to have a different background that the other two columns.

We have spent zero time on the forum theming and its next on out roadmap.

I would suggest a non-serif font! Arial is always my choice for ease of reading…

+1 on sans serif.

Strangely, as I edit the post sans, when I commit . . .

But there is a certain karma in using captcha 2 instead as it simply and freely decreases entropy with very little effort, (which is a good thing :wink: )

I am getting a log of overwritten text at the top of all pages on this new forum site. Ah… It is the “Quick Nav” menu that is supposed to be on the right side of the page. If I decrease my zoom level it displays on the right.

I don’t know what advice I would offer to all of you in order to improve the theme. I personally think that the colors and layout are great. There is the opinion that the header could be smaller, at least on pages other than the landing page. I would agree with this to a degree as it provide you with space for advertising or marketing. There is a lot of space wasted at the bottom of the pages, as well, with all of the information about what is allowed and what isn’t etc… Overall the look and feel of the forum is great.

Overall the redesign is great. The only thing I long for is it the site to work on my Android tablet.

I vote for all!

In a era of 16:10/16:9 high resolution (multiple) flat panel display having a Forum portal that let me use just a (small) central portion of my flat panel isn’t useful so +2 on “forum pages stretching dynamically to cover 100% of (any) screen width”.

Looking at phpBB (just an example) shouldn’t be a bad idea, isn’t it?