Forum takes minute to present itself

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Of course this can be an application not on the same server but for me it is also a website… takes forever to load (and than it is reasonable). Tried it from different locations in Europe… At least in BE/NL the same issue, regardless of the browser used (FF,IE,Chrome) and most of the addons disabled…

Is this a known issue ?


Do you habe IPv6 connectivity? IPv6 DNS resolution is attempted first. If that fails, you device will switch to IPv4.


I noticed this too. It may be whatever is adding the giant block of text about 2018 to the top of pages… I never noticed the huge delay until that appeared (unless the IPv6 thing is new too).

Might be worth noting that Australia has almost zero IPv6 connectivity, so if it IS the IPv6 thing, pretty much everyone in Australia will have that delay.

Edit: Should add that the delay appears to have gone away after I closed that block of text. Has loaded instantly each time since. But I have only been on the site on one machine for about half an hour today, so if it’s DNS it might be cached.

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I Don’t use IPv6… Maybe a good moment to switch or at least consider it. Anyway…Weird that it takes so long. I’m talking about 30-60 or more seconds. But at least it is clear what is causing it

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