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Slightly annoying problem with the Forum software. The topic create/submit/cancel buttons reside on the bottom line of the page. This line is often obscured by a stuck Windows task view popup bar. Unfortunately, the bar set to auto-popup gets stuck up if there is some window or notice which misterilly effects it.
Sure, it is a windows issue, but moving the buttons would be a help to prevent having to search around for the culprit to close it in order to submit the item.
I suggest to the Forum developers that the buttons be located above the topic form or better, both top and bottom. Or, they could load the form higher in the screen.


The software is called Discourse and you should file your report with them.

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Yes, that’s likely where the change would need to be made. But I’ll bet the answer will be “make your browser window smaller.”


Actually, try that. It still sits at the bottom row. When they create the popup it’s property is probably set to bottom of window.


So now two places to report your problem, Discourse and also Microsoft, Have you tried “unmaximizing” your browser ?


Well that is a nice hint. Of course that depends on your window settings requiring repositioning or resizing but it is a good idea.
I don’t want to imply this is a big bug but just an idea to ease use.


its been a long time since I used windows, but can you still drag corners around when your browser is ‘un-maximized’ and have the “windows settings” automatically update themselves ?

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Bottom row of the browser window, yes. But the buttons move when you resize the window, as I’ve just tested (though I guess you’ll have to take my word for it that the window was taller when I clicked the Reply button, and I resized it to shorter before taking this screen shot):


Having a work around does not invalidate a suggestion for improvement. Thanks for the ideas. Have a nice day.


You wouldn’t need a ‘work-around’ if you fix the underlying problem of not knowing how the program you installed that is popping up unwelcomed over screen real estate reasonable owned by others can be fixed to ‘not do that’.

Your ‘improvement’ is like asking your neighbors to move their mail-boxes because you can’t shut your passenger door.


IMO it’s not the forum that should be fixed – you need a better screen and/or better eyes. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, fix your environment so you can see all the stuff you’re working on, without constantly selecting, moving or resizing windows. This is not just a productivity improvement, it greatly reduces fatigue.

I have a cheap 39" Vizio 4k TV as a monitor, with scaling set to 100%. The Windows taskbar is 40 pixels high, less than 2% of the 2160 pixel screen height. I never had any desire to auto-hide it. Indeed, it’s useful to see the time and task status without moving the mouse.

Right-click an empty part of your desktop and select Display settings. If “Scale and layout” shows more than 100%, try setting it to 100% (this assumes that you aren’t using a laptop screen with more than HD resolution). If the result can’t be seen clearly, why not? If it’s just a refraction problem (and you don’t have progressive lenses), get a pair of glasses just for computer viewing. If you’re too vain to wear glasses, get contacts. If you have a vision problem such as cataracts that can be surgically corrected, get that done; you’ll see like a kid again and life will be much better. If you have an impairment that can’t be treated, get a bigger screen. If vision after correction is 20/50 or 20/60, a 39" or 43" 4k with 200% scaling should be comfortably viewable.

If a big 4k screen is unsuitable for you, consider two regular HD monitors, side by side.


You guys make me laugh. I already said it was caused by a windows issue. And, I said it was not a bug just an inconvenience. Of course there are other settings and other ways to cope. They don’t change the suggestion that it would be helpful to adjust the application to take the problem into account. May not happen but knowledge is power so I took time to mention it. Save your flames for something serious.


Move your toolbar/taskbar to the top of the screen? but indeed ‘knowledge is power’ so fixing your software equates to no more problem.

Before you get your knickers too twisted, bear in mind it seems to be uniquely ‘your’ problem.


Get a Mac.

I wager a poll would show most folks like it as it is.


No, It will happen and require adjustment by many who use a typical maximized browser with an auto hide taskbar, which I am sure is a popular configuration. It makes no difference who’s fault it is, just would be nice to ease the pain. So, I just happen to be the messenger who gets shot.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man .”


I totally agree with Mr.Shaw.

I would add pragmatically

Doctor, Doctor, everytime I do this I hurt.
Then stop doing that.

If you want 100% of your screen (your mountain) but you have popups obscuring bits of it from inconveniently placed elements running underneath , maybe move the element (its your Mohammed )?


Dicko, A percentage of your posts over the years have been really useful, as with all of us.

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