Fortinet FON-550i, FON-460i (Formerly TalkSwitch) Phone Compatibility?

We have been using a small TalkSwitch on-premise PBX for many years. They were purchased by Fortinet and rebranded over the past few years. I am hoping to transition to the FreePBX solution and use the newer Fortinet FON-550i and FON-460i IP phones that I have invested in. I have gotten the basic connectivity configured by I am trouble with things like BLF and other soft key programming. Does anyone have experience with these phone sets? I may end up buying new phone sets but want to make sure it’s necessary first.

Does anyone have any experience with the Fortinet line of phones and FreePBX?

If the phones where design for a specific PBX then those features could be designed for that too. They could be expecting things in a completely different format.

So Id say no. The non-SPA Cisco phones, that are 100% designed for the Cicso UCM have this exact same issue.

There have been several threads over the past couple of years about Fortinet, but those specific model numbers don’t look familiar. I tried downloading the Administrator Guide for the phone and had trouble (local network restriction), but I expect that you could get the phone working in the OSS EPM, and there may be some OEM information in the commercial EPM.

Is there a directory / reference of hardware (make & model) that are supported by the OSS EPM?

@mitterhuemer was the last person I saw with a vested interest in the OSS EPM. Perhaps he has a list of supported devices somewhere that we can access?

I made packages for:

Video Door System:
Grandstream GDS3710

Paging System:
Snom PA1

Mobile Phones:
Panasonic KX-TGP600 (full support with IPEI)
Gigaset N510.IP PRO

Multicell System:
Snom M700 up to 150 Handsets (full support with IPEI, firmware upgrades to the newest version may be done manually because snom changed a lot of things in the past and they provide an upgrade script)

Table Phones:
Yealink T41S-T46S (ony tested T46S)
Yealink T52S-54S may work but not tested
Yealink T56A
Yealink T58A
Yealink T58V (including Door Phone Feature for Video Door Systems and Video Calls enabled)

Many phones like Yealink T54. T48 etc… are not tested but listed may work.

Analog Adapter:
Grandstream HT812

The Time Zones need to be corrected to your Zone in each phone by hand in the config file.
I implemented the central europe time GMT+1 with daylight saving time into each phone. Some packages already have a time zone selector filed but they do not take effect. Just edit the config file and replace the timezone to your needs in the settings where you can edit package config files.

Some phones have provides a Firmware Update Feature.
Just create a template for your phone and select the Firmware version if available

The packages can be used by adding this package Server into epm settings:

The Package Server has my modified and new packages and also includes the already available Packages from the original FreePBX mirror.

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