Formatting of numbers for E164 - But "UK" Standard to users

I am attempting something quite simple but unfortunately I am rather clueless about it! One of my VOIP providers requires all numbers in E164 format ( ) however I wish for the users of the system to dial standard UK numbers.


0161 799 1111 to 44161 799 1111
01204 111111 to 441204 111111
07809 111111 to 447809 111111
0845 106 107 to 44845 106 107

And so on I could do with the rules in the following format, can anyone assist? Any help is appreciated.

I can’t post images as a new user but add the w to the start and that is the format I require it in…

Can anyone offer any help here?

Do you need this different from trunk to trunk?

Outbound Routes module is probably going to help (the Dial Patterns section especially)