Foreign CID not getting presented on pjsip trunk

Hi all

This was working fine for me when using chansip, but now using pjsip it doesnt work…

When using a pjsip trunk, and external, foreign CID is not getting presented as the PAI header.

I have replicated this using both a queue to an external number, and as a misc destination as an external number.

In this case, I have a call coming in from Provider A - this is also a pjsip trunk.

The inbound DDI has a destination of a configured misc destination, that is configured with an external number.

The call flows through to the external number; but the inbound CID number is not presented - the trunk CID is presented. This pjsip trunk is with Provider B

The CID Options for the trunk is configured as Allow Any CID.

I can see when debuging the trunk the PAI is getting set to the outbound CID for the trunk - however if I remove this, it also doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

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