Forced Outbound Route for DISA

Hey there, I’m using DISA to call clients when I’m on the go. Those outgoing calls should originate from a specific trunk. However, I can’t manage to set this up, they always use the first outbound route.
Is there a way to force DISA to use a specific outbound route like you do with extensions?

WTF is DASI? If you mean DISA, why would you be using that to call an external number? If you mean calling via a DAHDI trunk, that shouldn’t be anything special.

You could set up an Outbound Route with a prefix that uses only the desired trunk, then include that prefix in the external number for the queue agents.

Sorry, of course DISA.
Why would I be using that to call an external number? Well, so that I can call people using my cellphone but for them it seems like the call is originating from my home - in case the vpn fails. Simple.

I’ve edited out the Queue-Part. It’s another problem and only confusing rn. Sorry for that.

That’s btw literally the reason this module exists.

Set up the DISA normally, with the desired outbound caller ID.

Create an Outbound Route, ahead of other non-emergency routes, with the DISA’s caller ID in the CallerID field, an appropriate match pattern and the desired trunk.

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