Force Outbound Route CID


We want to force the Outbound Route CID instead of the Trunk CID. How can we do this?


From the “hover over” help in your outbound route

Optional Route CID to be used for this route

Format: <#######> . You can also use the format: “hidden” <#######> to hide the CallerID sent out over Digital lines if supported (E1/T1/J1/BRI/SIP/IAX).

If set, this will override all CIDS specified except:

  • extension/device EMERGENCY CIDs if this route is checked as an EMERGENCY Route
  • trunk CID if trunk is set to force its CID
  • Forwarded call CIDs (CF, Follow Me, Ring Groups, etc)
  • Extension/User CIDs if checked

Note the “exceptions”

We do have a CID in the Outbound Route CID as described <#######> however this CID is not being sent.

This used to work properly for us and I do not know why it does not now. Currently all extensions are sending the same CID.

The Trunks have:
Hide Caller ID set to No
Outbound Called ID is blank
CID Options set to Force Trunk CID

That is an invalid combination and is undefined. Behavior may have changed as a result of a module update, or it might be sending invalid SIP and the trunking provider changed something.

You should have a valid CID for the trunk (just in case, not normally used), and CID Options should normally allow any CID. Then, if your Outbound Route specifies Override Extension, the route CID should be used.

Also, if you are in US or Canada, recent regulatory changes have caused providers to have new restrictions on what CIDs can be sent. Depending on provider, they might require (for example) 2125551212, 12125551212 or +12125551212.

I set a Trunk CID and changed CID Options to Allow Any CID but the outbound route is still not being sent.


Indeed, the CIDs are now being sent as desired.

What is not working as desired is a Misc Destination. This Misc Destination is part of a IVR that one option forwards the caller to a mobile phone. Whenever this option is selected from the IVR the CID being sent is not the one for the extension being used.

Does your carrier allow arbitrary CID ?

. . . . Forwarded call CIDs (CF, Follow Me, Ring Groups, etc)

notice the etc in the exceptions

Please explain what you are you are trying to do. When an external party calls in, selects an IVR option and is routed to a Misc Destination, there is no ‘extension’ involved at all.

If the IVR is dialed by an internal (extension) user (Misc Application), I would expect that to work; please post a log of a failing call.

@dicko - Sorry, I did not understand your reply.

@Stewart1 - I’m afraid I have abused this topic since my original title “Force Outbound Route CID” does not exactly apply to my issue now.

What the issue now is this:
We have a IVR setup on one DID with 4 options. Once option has it’s “Destination” set to a “Misc Destination”. That Misc Destination dials an outside number (a cell phone).
When the person who own the cell phone receives a call resulting from this IVR/Misc Destination the CID is not the number of the Outbound Trunk associated with the DID that was originally called to arrive at the IVR.
I cannot see where the option is to set the Outbound Trunk for the Misc Destinations outbound call.

The whole purpose of the Misc Destination is to shield this persons cell phone number from callers. He wants all callers to call the company number and when selecting a IVR option forward the call to his cell phone and see the company DID as the caller ID so he knows it is a business related call.

A simple solution: Instead of a Misc Destination, set up a Ring Group with just the cell phone number followed by #. Set Change External CID Configuration to Outside Calls Fixed CID Value and put the desired CID in Fixed CID Value.

There are some subtle differences in behavior. IMO most of them are good, but be aware that the caller will hear ringback tone immediately after making the selection (rather than silence until the mobile call sets up). This might cause the caller to hang up (thinking the call was unanswered), before the callee gets the phone out of his pocket, sees the caller ID and answers. You can use an announcement and/or hold music to deal with this. On the plus side, you can avoid calls ending up in the callee’s personal voicemail.

If you want to do what you originally asked, set the Misc Destination to call with a prefix, then setup an Outbound Route that strips that prefix and forces a caller ID.

@Stewart1 - Yes, that works well. After a short test I agree with your input about the ringback. You mentioned music on hold which I think would be great. How can I do that?

UPDATE: I found it. I set “Play Music On Hold” option in that Ring Group to “Inherit” and now there is music instead of ringing.

Thank you for all your help!

The Ring Group settings include options for hold music and an announcement. You can use the default music, or go to Settings -> Music on Hold and create a new category. Of course, it doesn’t have to actually be music. For example, create a file with “Please wait while your call is connected”, followed by a few seconds of silence then fake ringback tone.

Thank you. We like the way this works now with music.

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