Force g729 to extens incoming to conf

Normally all extensions are ulaw by default when they call each other. Is there a way to force the extension to g729 when it calls a particular conference. Thanks.

I’m not sure that you can… At the same time do you really want to as it will generate CPU overhead…

A meetme has to decode all incoming audio to a common one, do all the audio level mixing and sent it back out, so if it goes via a different codec it will have to encode again. That’s potentially a lot of overhead on the CPU.

g729 also requires licening so you’d need to have enough licenses to pull it off.

The Sipuras are default set to ulaw but I have configured a trunk to force g729 on any incoming to conf from IPKall. I was just wondering if I can get the Sipuras local ext. to force g729 like I have the IPKall. CPU is no problem (Penryn processor) but BW is. Thanks.

you can force a device to a codec by choosing deny=none and then allow=g729 for the extension, then all calls will be g729, just make sure you have adequate licenses, the meetme will require one for every call.

Yes I know that would force all calls to g279 but I would like to just force calls to conf room 222 to g729. All other ext calls can be ulaw. My goal is to get 5 or so extensions on the conf at the same time but the current BW would not support everyone to come in with ulaw. Thanks.


I have no idea if this will work, and it will require customization, but you can try to do the following prior to the call being answered meaning you would want to route a DID directly to the conference bridge as a destination and then insert a line that does:


in the code and see if it forces the call to g729.

If you have to run through an IVR first, then it won’t work because the call will already have been answered.

Great. This is the direction I am looking for. But I do not have much background on the code associated with Asterisk. I just can efficiently use the FreePBX interface. I can use the Config Edit. Do you think you could let me know where approx this line would go and which file? Thanks for your help.

Excellent info. Thanks.