Force fwconsole to Builds its config

Is their a free pbx command that would regnerated all its configs?

I tried with the fwconsole reload but it doesn’t do it in a test.

[[email protected] asterisk]# fwconsole reload
Reload Started

In LoadConfig.class.php line 69:

file(/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

reload [–json] [–dry-run] [–skip-registry-checks] [–dont-reload-asterisk]

[[email protected] asterisk]#

You might have to create an empty voicemail.conf first. How’d you lose it?

touch /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf && chown asterisk /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

I’m testing but I tried that and a fwconsole reload didn’t build it.

Is there no way to force it to regen its configs?

is this what you are talking about?

I forgot about this but actually bad news. voicemail.conf is the configuration for voicemail (it’s not generated from the database). So if you lost it, you’re probably going to have to redo voicemail from scratch.

ok. So is there a list of files that don’t get generated from Database?

*.conf files that are generated in full by FreeBPX are noted with a header that warns you not to edit.

Just a side comment: this seems weirdly inconsistent with the way the rest of FreePBX generally works.

The other confs that comes to mind are asterisk.conf and modules.conf. I don’t think freepbx does anything to asterisk.conf and it just edits modules.conf in place but this makes sense because you don’t want to rely on FreePBX config for the very basic startup of asterisk.

If I recall, at one point in Asterisk pre-history, voicemail.conf did not allow #includes, so all config (generated and custom) had to be in the single file. That limitation may no longer exist, but FreePBX has not been changed.

Another one that comes to mind is manager.conf. FreePBX can read/write out details for the admin user, but otherwise does not touch the rest of that file.

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