Force Endpoint Manager to rebuild and reload extension from shell

Is there a way to force the commercial Endpoint Manager to rebuild and reload an extension from the shell? We’re doing some programmatic maintenance of speed dial / BLF keys and we would like to force these to take effect once changes have been placed into the database.

Probably. See this link:

This is all well documented in the wiki for fwconsole. Did you even search in our wiki?

Apparently not very well. Thank you for pointing this out.

Although I’m going to gently point out a typo on that specific point: in both the command help and the online wiki, it should be “fwconsole epm rebuildupdate” and not “fwconsole epm rebuiltupdate” :slight_smile:

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I was not trying to be harsh but we invest so much time into documentation and it’s frustrating to have people come into a forum and ask things that are clearly in wiki and makes it seem like a user is to lazy to even read documentation and makes us wonder why we write it.

It’s a Sunday and here you have two people from Sangoma donating out time to help out when we could be with our families.

Wiki is fixed and ticket filed for fwconsole. Thanks for the heads up.