For school shootings - play recorded message after pressing panic button?

I found a nifty little SIP panic button to place under a desk; press it and it just dials a number. I have several school customers near the Covenant school where the gunman came through the locked door after shooting out the glass. They need to be able to press that button and run. So I need that button to call 911 and start playing a recorded message.

In fact, it would be great to have it do that, plus dial a paging group that plays a recording message internally. One button would essentially alert people on campus AND notify the 911 call center in just a few seconds.

I’m pretty sure this can be done with some custom programming, but besides not knowing how to do that and expecting the code to get overwritten by an update, I’d just rather use the GUI if possible. If it can only be done with custom code, then so be it, but I’d need some step-by-step instructions if anyone is up for it.

I’d suggest discussing this with the centre first, as they may have rules about automated calls.

I suspect they may want the call to end with an open mike.

This is a solution we offer for FreePBX with a panic button option for our phones. This does a whole series of things and has some forethought put on to hostage situations etc. It may be something to look at as it was designed for this exact usage


You definitely need to contact ClearlyIP on this. They’ve made stuff that works great for that. Their button does the alerts - dials and does one way audio so anyone in the room isn’t made aware that they’re under surveillance. I’m pretty sure you can even use it so that front desk it copied in on the call so they’re aware. Talk to CIP.

I took a look at Clearly IP’s CodeX software and it is designed to do a lot more than just dial a couple of phone numbers. As such, it’s priced accordingly, and is not a reasonable solution.

So this is another appeal for a solution. Anyone got any ideas of how to make this work in the GUI?

If not, who could you recommend to do this tiny bit of custom coding?

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