For lack of RTP activity in 31 seconds [SOLVED]

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I am investigating a problem on the transfer and I am finally seeing the bottom of the tunnel …

In practice, after having solved several other problems, the transfer call “* 72” now appears to be taking place.

The audio does not pass the la chimate remains open 31 seconds

Going to the log here is what it looks like:

[2020-05-25 11:11:11] NOTICE [1883] chan_sip.c: Disconnecting call ‘SIP / 0108933606_out-00000075’ for lack of RTP activity in 31 seconds
[2020-05-25 11:11:11] NOTICE [1883] chan_sip.c: Disconnecting call ‘SIP / 0108933605_in-00000074’ for lack of RTP activity in 31 seconds

It would seem an RTP communication problem

The problem occurs both on a machine behind a draytek router with DMZ on the PBX and on a machine in the cloud when without any nat

Someone manages to give me an idea, thank you all for your collaboration

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Still some clarifications
The call remains open 31 seconds before dropping
The audio however in those 31 seconds is not present


turn on rtp debugging to see where the media is being sent/received

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Found the problem!
The provider I am using is CloudItalia and it does something I did not expect, doing the transfer activates a connection from an IP that was not included in the white list of my firewall
I noticed it thanks to tcpdump …
Sitemato this all went wonderfully …

Transfer with abnormal behavior [SOLVED]
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