FOP2 WebRTC with Asterisk 18.3.0 and FreePBX15 working settings and a question

Ok - with a little help from this post: WebRTC - Does it work with the latest FreePBX? — FOP2 Forum I got it working - A couple of settings he lists are not necessary so I will post here the necessary settings so if anyone finds this post, they know how to get it working:

Set up a Standard PJSIP extension, but under Advanced:

He calls for rtcp Mux to be turned on - in my testing, that was not necessary.


He also calls Enable WebRTC defaults to be turned on - I haven’t found that needed either.

Without this, you get no audio whatsoever - not even one way in my config. Here is my question - why is this not recommended - I have been Googling and reading for an hour and nowhere can I get a definitive reason why this is showing as not recommended - Digium Folks?


Make sure you select your certificate below this and turn it on.

This makes the WebRTC phone in FOP2 work quite nicely - I am going to pair it up with a physical phone now and see if a phone works properly with this extension config.

WebRTC configuration is incompatible with normal phones, you can’t use the same PJSIP extension for it. This is primarily due to the use of DTLS-SRTP in WebRTC, while phones either use no encryption or SDES-SRTP.

That’s a real bummer - Would this config be incompatible with Sangoma Connect also?

Yup! Just tried - So this “Extension” would only be for FOP2 and nothing else - that would be usable in some situations (Call-Center Agents using it as an Agent Phone?) or a business where they didn’t want Hard Phones at all.

UCP works with this extension config, but I just checked - in either a “Normal” config or with this config, when you make a call in UCP, it doesn’t update your status in FOP2 - If I make a call from UCP, it doesn’t show that I am on the phone.


To the best of my knowledge Sangoma Connect does not use WebRTC, and is more akin to having behavior like a normal phone vs WebRTC.

If devices and user mode would’ve been supported AND you’d be able to tie multiple devices to a user, then we could set different settings for each device.

Funny you should say that - I had the same idea - so I loaded up devices (without changing modes) and looked at the settings on the UCP/ZULU Device for my extension - it’s already set to almost all the settings I detail above:




But…when I changed the settings to match what I had figured out in the Extension Setting to make it work, it still didn’t work - I am guessing since the machine is not in D&U that the extension settings are overriding the device settings.

It’s really a bummer too, because FOP2 with a softphone is actually a pretty nice Web UC solution.

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