FOP2 under FreePBX 2.7

After upgrading to FreePBX 2.7.0beta2, I noticed FOP2 is no longer working.

The error message displayed by FreePBX’s start window:

Could not reload the FOP operator panel server using the script. Configuration changes may not be reflected in the panel display.

Searching for shows 4 files all around FreePBX, all containing the same command (killall -HUP which I don’t get, because FreePBX is suggesting this script should run op_server, not kill the process.

Not knowing my way around Linux exceptionally well, I’m not sure what to do next to test this. I’ve tried running the module directly; however, that errors out too.

Prior to my upgrading to 2.7, the FOP2 seemed to work well.

Thank you in advance,

I haven’t installed FOP2 but was reading up about it and came across this excellent tutorial on installing FOP2 and some of the pitfalls you might run into. It seems to cover the type of problems that you have run into where FreePBX/Asterisk is not talking properly to FOP2 or vice versa. It covers which config files need to be modified and why.