FOP2 slow to show login on FreepBX 13 installs

Just posting here as it is more active than the FOP2 forums.

Has anyone used FOP2 on a new FreePBX 13 install? I had not used it for any clients in a while and after installing, it all works fine but the login is slower than dirt.

Is there anything in the new firewall settings or apache config that could be causing issues? I did not change anything inside FreePBX. Just ran their normal install script and it put things in a /fop2 subdirectory.

Post on FOP2 forum:

I don’t know why fop2 is not working for you.
But for me, on a FreePBX distro install it’s running without problems. FPBX 13 here.
Usually the developer is quite responsive on the fop2 forum, maybe he is on vacation.
You can try live chat too when online.

Not specific to FOP2, but there are lots of times where we see things in FreePBX (or attributed to FreePBX) where the problem is actually DNS related.

I’m not saying anything - I’m more like thinking with my fingers, but these time scales sounds like DNS interaction problems to me… Just sayin’ it’s a place to start looking…

It is working just fine once the user can sign in. It is simply trying to get signed in.

And /admin works immediately.

I have no idea what is could be either, I set it up on two different systems with he same result.

So it’s something common to your setup, but not to other peoples’ setups? DNS is an obvious option there, since the DNS choices tend to be highly personal. Are there any other common services that you use for your installations that might be getting in the way? Remember, I’m just throwing things out there to see if something might jog your mind. I don’t have any specific ideas - I just know that one of the ways I troubleshoot things is explaining them to my wife and having her stare at me blankly… :slight_smile:


Both systems are on vultr. As far as I’m aware all DNS host names everything is set up correctly and the FOP2 works perfectly on both. It is just the login.

Finally got an answer. It is SSL configuration in FOP2.