FOP2 permissions changed with distro updates, any way to fix?

I know you all prefer to see iSymphony in use, but I have clients that use FOP2, and it works well even under the most current distro release.

The problem that I have run into, is that fop2 puts it’s configuration information into /etc/asterisk/fop2/* and it depends on a couple scripts being executable for the stuff launch and run correctly, It seems that under the current 10.x distro, every time a patch update is applied, it goes into the fop2 directory, and it removes execute permission from the files in that directory. The effect of this is that fop2 will no longer run, you can start the service, but it fails as it’s unable to execute it’s scripts.

Is there any way to get the distro to leave the permissions alone in this directory when updated, as it’s not part of the distro to start with??

Ideally they would put up a proper module with proper hooks. Since we don’t live in an ideal world you can manually add/exclude files from the chown process.