FOP2 disconnections


For about 2 weeks, we have observed in the FOP2 that the active extensions fall off for a few seconds … and return after a short time.

If the agent closes the softphone and reopens it, then the FOP2 instantly reappears active.

Any idea what it could be?

It happens randomly to agents … we have not detected a specific time interval between disconnections either.

In the sophone configuration, we see parameters like the following:


Do you know what they do? Could we increase them?

In the “Advanced” tab of FreePBX we also see some configuration parameters such as:

Maximum Expiration:
Minimum Expiration:

Could it be due to any of these configurations?

attached images:

Are all extensions doing this at the same time?

What does the following command show when an agent has dropped off?

asterisk -rx"pjsip show aor XXXX"

Changing XXXX to the extension number.


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