FOP with ZULU softphone - not great experience so far

Hi I’m trialling Zulu as a potential softphone for a call centre implementation. The interface is nice and tidy however have been having issues with it playing nice with FOP2

Firstly presence is not shown. All extensions appear as offline despite showing active call information.
None of the call handling buttons or SPY functionality works. Spy, whisper or conference.

I think both issues are linked to the way that Zulu appears to create virtual extensions with a 90 prefix. That is the case on my demo system anyhow. when I hit any of the spy buttons in FOP2 I can see in the asterisk console the following error (1000 is my extension)

[2019-08-28 13:07:37] ERROR[60794]: res_pjsip.c:3246 ast_sip_create_dialog_uac: Endpoint ‘1000’: Could not create dialog to invalid URI ‘1000’. Is endpoint registered and reachable?
[2019-08-28 13:07:37] ERROR[60794]: chan_pjsip.c:2236 request: Failed to create outgoing session to endpoint ‘1000’

This is a deal breaker as in a call centre we need to have supervisor type functionality that FOP2 offers. Does anyone know of a combination of product that works with ZULU and provides the supervisor functionality?


Can you define what supervisor functionality is to you? Is it just the ability to see presence? I haven’t used FOP in a while, but can you add the 90-version of the extension in FOP?

I need to do the recent update but nothing so far in the changelogs or FOP updates have made FOP2 work with PJSIP yet. That is to say, FOP2 works with PJSIP but it has not logic in it like it does for the older drivers (Chan_SIP, IAX) to look for the endpoint configs to auto create buttons, etc in FOP2.

Zulu softphone extension’s that have the 90 prefix are PJSIP extensions. FOP2 isn’t going to create buttons for them automatically or the buttons won’t be created with the proper tech if they are.

I have to use FOP2 without using the FreePBX “tie-in” so I can create buttons myself for PJSIP endpoints.Transfer, Hold, Park, etc all work in my testing that way.

I currently use Bria Teams for softphones which does not have to create the "90"EXT extensions and we use PJSIP. I’ve been meaning to give Zulu a run because Bria is expensive at $4-$5 per month a user. So currently about 3K per year in licence fees Ouch!.

I haven’t had any issues getting pjsip to work with FOP2 or auto creating buttons. However have you tried creating a custom button for the 90EXT? Even if you look at asterisk info peers you’ll likely see a separate registration for 90EXT. So that maybe what FOP2 needs to target.

You might also check in Freepbx advanced settings whether WebRTC uses sip,pjsip or auto. FOP2 recently also just came out with it’s own built in softphone which I never played with which uses webrtc. I’m sure zulu is much better.

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