FOP not updating "Display Name" after "Display Name" change on extension


I’m having an issue with the Flash Operator Panel not updating the “Display Name” on extensions after it has been changed on the extension. Usually I have this happen when a new person takes over a particular extension. I have run the CLI command ‘database show AMPUSER//cidname’ and Asterisk is returning the correct and updated Display Name but the name never seems to make it to the Flash Operator Panel. I have several other things that it doesn’t make it to such as my Aastra 6757i’s directory as well as FOP2. I’m assuming the reason is connected somehow. The only way I have been able to work around this is to delete the extension and then re-add it. In this case the “Display Name” is correct in all three places – FOP, FOP2, and Aastra Directory (Phones are using Aastra XML scripts.) Obviously, if I spell someone’s name wrong and they receive voice mail and make recordings, I don’t want to have to delete their extension and recreate it just to fix a typo. Can anyone shed some light?


Try doing this

Go to the



and do


followed by after its done

“service fop2 restart”

That helped me before.