FOP iSymphony alterative

I am working with the new FreePBX Distro

Been a trixbox guy for year, but I think I’m moving over

I’ve tried to find the answer to this, but no luck

With the new Distro is there any graphical way to look at who is on the phones, like the old FOP, without going all the way to iSymphony? I’m just looking to see live usage, not control calls. e.g. a manager wants to see what’s going on

You could use FOP2.

OK - so the documentation says …

The Flash Operator Panel is a screen that allows an operator to control calls, using the FOP Password you configured above. It is disabled by default in the FreePBX Distro, but can be enabled in the Advanced Settings Module, by changing “Disable FOP” to False, clicking the green check-box to the right that appears after changing it to False, and then clicking the Orange “Apply Configuration Changes” at the top.

I do not see it. I go to settings, advanced settings - nothing

There is a “User Panel” module that is not installed. I don’t want to start installing modules that I do not know what they do.

FOP does not work with Asterisk 1.8 and will cause all sorts of issues. You must use FOP2.

Out of curiosity why do you think that iSymphony “sucks”?

Admin->Modules Admin->Repositories Unsupported and wil see FreePBX FOP Framework !!! :slight_smile:

isymphony sucks :frowning:

I have two systems running FreePBX 2.9 and 2.8, both running Asterisk 1.8 and both running FOP with no issues. It certainly works fine for getting visual status, I have not tested exhaustively for actually manipulating calls, but I can verify that it is working for initiating and disconnecting calls.

I’m just using FOP2 now. Even if FOP works, there is no one to support it if there is a problem. FOP2 has support and its free for up to 15 items, and after that it is still cheap

I just need to change the starting Operating Panel link to FOP2. I thought I saw some instructions on how to do that on the FOP2 forum, but if anyone has the knowledge handy, that would be good.

iSymphony is interesting, but is relatively expensive, and requires a client. Those are two pretty big downsides.

You can change the Operator Panel link from the Advanced Settings page.


Settings (drop down across the top)
Advanced Settings (first item in drop down list)

I don’t see anything to change the where the Operating Panel icon on the from page opens.

see here

last comment - hope it helps