FOP issues with fresh ISO CD install - comeback Trixbox?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and after months of playing with trixbox I have decided that before ditching our existing office phone system on ISDN30 and moving onto an asterisk based SIP trunk solution I should have a look at another solution - especially one that is still being maintained. I have to say that I have also followed ‘skykings’ many postings and thought that freePBX is worth a go.

After installing the system yesterday using the mini ISO image (something that appears to take a very long time despite fast web links) I was a little surprised to discover that I had after the installation. After being very excited and impressed at the nice clean interface and the detailed endpoint manager (that allows proper configuring of our Polycom handsets) I was disappointed to see that the FOP did not work. What happens is that I get a new webpage with the three circles in the top left (lock / refresh / help) and the drop down “no timeout” combo box in the top right. The rest of the screen is white.

This install was on a clean (VMware) box and has only had two sip extensions defined and the endpoint manager adding on via the modules page. Help?

PS - is there a ‘full fat’ ISO available? I would feel more comfortable knowing that I have a repeatable installation process for years to come once this system is commissioned ? (a trillion apologies for posting two questions on my first post).

FOP has been discontinued. Just install the new FOP2, it’s free for 5 extensions and $40 for an unlimited license.

Details and docs:

It’s in the yum repo on the distro:

[[email protected] log]# yum list | grep -i fop
fop2-freepbx.i386                        2-21                          pbx
[[email protected] log]#

so yum install fop2-freepbx

For all you sitting back and reading these posts notice I gave away a tip here on the quickest way to find stuff in the repo.

yum list "*fop*" works the same too =)

Thanks guys.

Much appreciated.