Followme to cell phone rings but cant answer

I have a dummy extension set up in my freepbx, which is now running on core

This dummy (sip) extension is set up with a followme to my cell phone (sprint).

Until the latest set of updates, when a call would come thru to this dummy extension, it would simultaneously ring my cellphone (ringallv2) and I could answer the call and talk as if I was on that phone.

I did the latest set of updates, and now when a call comes in, my cell phone rings, and I can answer it, however I get no audio period, and the calling party ends up getting my google voice voicemail.

If I change this incoming route to ring sip clients, I can answer the call just fine, however the issue seems to only be happening if I try to answer it from an “external” extension…

Below is my “modules” page for versions…

Thanks in advance for helping… I cant seem to find others with this problem.


Thankfully, My issue was not due to an issue with the latest set of updates.

Incase anyone else experiences this issue, here was the solution:

Comcast, my ISP was having some issues the other day. During these issues I lost connectivity. I have 28Mb down by 4Mb up internet service. When my service came back up, my VoIP router measured my connection for QoS purposes, and found my bandwidth to be 2Mb down by ~13k up. My router was shaping all of my traffic into a funny tube and I guess the PBX wasnt liking the quality of the connection when I would answer on my cell phone away from home.

A reboot of my router (I rarely need to do that…) took care of the issue and I’m getting flawless connections again.

Thank you all for your assistance.

I have edited your post. You have added a list that included a couple of hundred lines of useless information.

Look at your Asterisk log file to see why the call fails. My best guess is that you have a NAT problem due to the fact that you don’t get audio.