Followme Disable/enable databse settings


I want to write a custom IVR/AGI script to enable users to disable/enable followme…which table does freepbx store this setting? I cant see this field on the findmefollow table. I am usinf freepbx 2.3 and asterisk 1.2.



anyone with an answer to this

You are using an old version of FreePBX, there are many things that have changed since that release.

If you change the database you will still have to do a reload of Asterisk to retrieve the settings and that might interrupt calls in progress.

I don’t know (right now) what table and what settings Follow-Me uses. If you know how to program in php I suggest that you look at the module code and see what it does and by that figure out what to do.

I think that this is the best approach to achieve what you want.

Thanks. I found out that the enable/disable value is stored in astdb.

Let me get on to writing m script