Follow me

I have installed the latest version of [email protected] and noticed that there is no “follow me” tab in the freePBX configuration screen. Can someone tell me how to install this module or should I just use the ring group configuration screen?

any help would be appreciated

not sure what the latest version of AAH is since they changed to trixbox. However - if you are not running freepbx 2.2.1 (or at least 2.2.0) you shoudl be upgrading to that. As far as follow-me and most other modules, you need to go to the Module Admin to download them and install/enable them.

I am running 2.0.1 . How do I upgrade freePBX within [email protected]? and I looked to see if there was any module install etc for follow me and I couldn’t find it either local or online
Thanks for you reply

you clearly must upgrade - that version is very old and full of issues. Take a look at: