Follow Me to Verizon Cell Phones Answering Early

We have an issue with Follow Me configuration that includes an external number to a Verizon cell phone. No matter what ring time we have set, the Verizon voicemail answers after barely a ring. In many cases the Verizon cell phone doesn’t even ring, just goes straight to voicemail.

We have three different FreePBX instances that this happens with. Does not occur with all Verizon cell numbers but the users that report this all have Verizon in common.

Any suggestions? What log data can we provide to that might help identify the issue?

We’ve contacted Verizon and had temporary success with one user after Verizon did a reset of some type. We requested the same with another user and did not change anything.

this probably means that the phone is having network connectivity issues. you get the same issue if the cell phone is turned off. check to see if any of your cell phone users has call waiting turned off. if so that will force the incoming call directly to voicemail