Follow Me to external cell drops call if goes to cell voicemail

FreePBX with Polycom IP331 phones. My receptionist tells me this is NEW behavior. My SIP vendor tells me nothing has changed on their side (of course).

I have extensions that do not ring to endpoints, but have Follow Me enabled to call a cell phone. Voicemail is not enabled on the extensions, so that the cell phone’s voicemail will handle messages if the call is not answered.

Follow Me sends the call to the cell phone. If the call is answered, no problem.

However if the call is UNANSWERED (the cell phone’s voicemail picks up), our PBX loses the call. Fast-busy, hangup.

Initial Ring Time: 0
Ring Strategy: ringall2-prim
Ring Time:20
Destination/No Answer: Follow Me, Normal Extension Behavior

Is there something I am missing?

Thank you in advance.

Way to be helpful, lgaetz.

Not sure if this is intended to be sarcasm, but my post was sincere. I expect a call trace will reveal what’s going on; the above link shows how to obtain such a trace.

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  1. I’ve already looked at the logs, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for. I inherited this phone system and am learning as I go along.
  2. I’ve done tons of testing and research trying to figure this out, which is why I posted here. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this behavior and if so, what were their findings?
  3. Even just typing, “I expect a call trace will reveal what’s going on.” along with the posted link would be deemed more helpful than just a dismissive link (to a page of which I am already aware).

Try setting Ring Time to 60.

If no luck, post a SIP trace. Possibly, Asterisk is mishandling the “call is being forwarded” indication, which may have previously been absent (change at mobile carrier).

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I assume he posted that link because it could help other people on the forum help you troubleshoot with fewer back and forth questions, since it should provide the reason for the hangup. Strange way of asking for help from other people. I have not observed this. IS the 20 seconds enough to hit the cellphone vm, have you tried to extend it the time?

EGADS! It was the Ring Time. Your suggestion to set it to 60 did the trick.

In hindsight, that makes total sense … I wasn’t giving Verizon enough time to ring the phone and begin the voicemail greeting.

Thank you!!

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