Follow me suddenly not working on local calls


This just started happening and was working.
On an internal call (extension to extension) FollowMe is not following, but is working on external calls.
Nothing has changed configuration wise.
Any ideas?


Is the outbound pstn call failing, or just not being attempted? Possible issue with CID number?

Also please share your Follow me config and call logs

Log for the small call was too big to post and .txt not accepted.
I will check the log with the CID.
In respect to the settings they are normal, and nothing changed from before when it was working.

use pastebin

I did have a caller id issue the other day NOT related to this, where the route was corrupted for lack of a better term, and after recreating it the correct caller ID went out.
I do see that it did go out as the extension… hmm.
Checking more in that direction.

If dialing an external number from that same extension (245) it does provide proper CID.
Source Ext 245, target 101

Log below…

== Using SIP RTP Audio TOS bits 184 == Using SIP RTP Audio TOS bits 184 i -

Errors apparent at line 535 onwards.

This is me trying to duplicate the problem on my PBX that someone else is experiencing on theirs.

See call from CDR log, blue lines cover destination number.

Default settings on FM tab…

That’t the CEL , the CDR will likely show an incomplete string that returns busy, do you need 11 digit dialing suddenly?

LOL, no 11 digit…

So the question is, if our config hasn’t change on either mine or the other persons server, they had the issue, I duplicated the issue, do we have some type of core issue?

I also did mention that I had the problem a week ago or so where my caller ID went out as the extension ( ZERO changes on our side prior ) and I rebuilt the outbound route to correct it.

Busy is busy, (Hangup cause 1 is Hangup cause 1), call the provider to find out why if they are not.

Did you get this fixed?

Had the same thing where internal calls were failing on Follow Me and it was an issue with the outbound caller id, the provider rejecting, or just dropping the call.

Setup an outbound route for Follow Me and force the outbound caller id. Alternatively setup a second trunk to failover to and force set your outbound caller id at the provider level.

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