Follow Me Setting

I am trying to setup my system to not pass the external CID when forwarding calls to my mobile phone. I realize this is pretty much the oposite of what most people want to do, but I would like all forwarded calls to show my business CID instead of the actual callers CID.


External caller @ 806.123.1234 calls and dails my extension and when follow me forwards the call to me I want cid to show my business cid of 806.111.1111.

I would like to know if someone has called me directly or if the call is coming from my pbx.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

This third-party module should do the trick for you:

how can we check after doing configuration that asterisk is properly working

I don’t have a dedicated test system to do a quick test, so… just to make sure.

Installing this module allows me to change the CallerID of a incoming call someway along it’s route from coming in on the trunk, until it’s forwarded from an extension using FollowMe or plain unconditional call forward?

I want to achieve something similar to that of the original thread author.

When incoming calls are forwarded to external phones, I want to set CallerID of call to CID/DID of the extension being called.

Example: external caller at 123-456-789 calls my extension 555-666-0401. On office SIP phone connected extension 0401 I want CallerID shown as 123-456-789.

But if extension 401 is forwarded to an external mobile, I want CallerID shown as 555-666-0401.

Thanks for any feedback!