Follow-me scenario


I am trying to achieve the following:

I have 2 analog lines. One is for an incoming call and one is for an outgoing call.

When someone rings on the incoming call, freepbx should answer the call with a message and park the line (since my provider has a timeout value for how long a line can be open unanswered I imagine…) and then start dialing (in-sequence ie. hunt) external numbers one-by-one through the second line until someone picks-up.

My issues/Questions

  1. How many lines are required? Are 2 lines enough?
  2. How can I make freepbx answer the call with a message and then start executing the “follow-me” function?
  3. How can I make sure that a person has answered the phone and not an answering machine? I saw the “confirm call” option but it says that it only works with ring_all strategy?

Thanks for the help,


1 - Two lines would allow one call in and the follow me out
2 - Change the incoming route to an announcement and set the answer channel option. Then route from the announcement to your follow me
3 - (You have two number two’s) You can’t easily.

When I try to use two lines, follow me works for the first line and then I get an error in the log which says that all lines are busy/congested.

Do I need to configure anything else?



You have to use a strategy that only sends out 1 follow me call at a time.

Have you considered getting a pay as you go SIP trunk for just the outbound?